Hard disk broken

Hard disk broken

Help!!, “I can’t see my hard disk anymore!”, “my hard disk does not response !” or “I can’t see my disk in windows explorer!”.

It happens to us, computer users, once in a life time. But don’t worry there are sometimes simple solutions for that problem.

There can be a problem with the disk itself or with it ’s controller board, this is the printed circuit board that’s mounted on your hard disk.

If you take a close look to that board you might find out that there’s a burned spot on the board, in that case you need a replacement board.

itparts.biz has a few printed circuit board on stock, see on the left side under Categorie, >hardware > hard disk control board, either IDE or SATA, dependent of the type of hard disk. If a printed circuit board is “out of stock” then we are looking for another solution, first of all we will propose against what price.

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