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itparts.biz, used and refurbished IT equipment/parts.

itparts.biz for refurbished PC's, Power supplies, interface cards, HD drives, CD/DVD drives and monitors.

Telecom equipment like ordinairy telephones and IP telephones, ethernet switches, USB switches routers and wireless equipment.

Onder het item "monitoren" zijn drie verschillende types monitor van Dell te vinden, het gaat hierbij om totaal 27 monitoren. Je kan ook bieden op een x aantal van deze monitoren. Stuur dan een mail met aantallen en je bod naar itparts@itparts.biz !

Within menu choice "monitors" there are 3 types of monitors from Dell, 27 pieces in total. You can make an offer for those monitors in an e-mail to itparts@itparts.biz with the number of monitors and the amount of money !

In some cases are the images you see on the site different from the delivered product.

If you have questions you can e-mail, the mailaddress : itparts@itparts.biz, or use our contact page. We tried to answer in a few days.

There are a few payment methodes see the logo's below.

Payment methods
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